In a nutshell, a murid (aspirant) of any tariqah (sufi order) enters into a bay’ah (covenant) with a living murshid (spiritual guide) to:

  • perform with excellence all that He, eminent is His Glory, has mandated
  • abstain with content all that He, Most High, has prohibited
  • beseech His forgiveness swiftly when transgressions occur
  • undertake the stipulated dhikr (remembrance of Allah) of the order

In the ‘Arusi-Qadiri path, dhikr is of the following 2 types:

  1. Daily Wird
  2. Weekly Ratib

In addition to the above, the murshid prescribes various Ahzab (litanies) and Awrad (orations) to murids according to their stations and needs.

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