Shaikh (Dr.) Tayka Shu’ayb ibn Ahmad ‘Abdul Qādir (Allah preserve him) is the present Murshid of the ‘Arusi-Qadiri order. He comes from an illustrious family from the Arwi region who trace their lineage back to our master, Abū Bakr as-Siddīq (Allah be well pleased with him). He was born in 1930 in the South Indian Islamic centre Kilakkarai to the renowned Arwi savant and saint, Shaikh Taika Ahmad ‘Abdul Qādir ibn Shāhul Hamīd and the pious Maryam ‘Āisha Umma (Allah have mercy on them).

His Education

He began his educational endeavours under the auspices of his revered father focusing on Arabic and other traditional Islamic sciences. He completed “Moulavi Fazil” specialising in Qur’ānic exegesis and capped it with the “Afzal-ul-Ulema” qualification.

He read “Arabic and Persian” at the University of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. His unique research of the Arwi region earned him a doctorate from the Columbia Pacific University, USA. His natural flair for language acquisition has seen him becoming proficient in Arabic, English, Malayalam, Persian, Tamil and Urdu.

He began teaching Arabic at the age of 15 at his family run Madrassa. Upon graduation, he taught full-time at various institutions in South India. Over 1,200 students have acquired knowledge from him in the traditional manner. He has also supervised 11 students at graduate and doctorate levels.

His Writings

He has published 8 books in English and Tamil. His first book, “Nithya Kadan” – a summary of Islamic laws in Tamil – was published when he was just 17. He has written various articles addressing the polemic of the methodologically challenged, who attack legitimate practices of Arwi Muslims. He has also collected, catalogued and preserved over 250 manuscrits in his library.

His 880-page monumental work, “Arabic, Arwi, Persian and Urdu in Sarandib and Tamilnadu” is a labour of love that spanned 30 years of extensive travel in South Asia, Far East, East Africa and Middle East. It was released in Jun 1993 at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in New Delhi by the then President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma.

The book brought to the academic forefront the hitherto unexplored or forgotten history and contributions of Arwi Muslims to Islamic literature, education, propagation and spirituality through Arabic, Arwi, Persian and Urdu. The book also features a critical commentary of the famous Mawlid composition by Imām al-‘Arus Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ahmad Labbai (Allah illuminate his resting abode), “Minhat al-Sarandīb fī Madh al-Habīb”.

His Initiation

He was vested with the Sufi mantle and authorised as Shaikh of the ‘Arūsi branch of the Qādiri path by his father, Shaikh Ahmad ‘Abdul Qādir, who had inherited the mantle from the two notables, Sahibu-l Jalwah Shahu-l Hamid [ஜல்வத் நாயகம் Jalwat Nayagam] and Sahibu-l Khalwah ‘Abdu-l Qadir [ஃகல்வத் நாயகம் Khalwat Nayagam], Allah be well pleased with them. He was also conferred with the deputy-ship [khilafat] of the Qādiri path by As-Sayyid Ash-Shaikh ‘Abdu-l Karīm al-Kasnazānī [d. 5 Feb 1978], may Allah sanctify his secret.

His Travels and Pursuits

His involvement in the traditional family business of precious gems offered him extensive travel opportunities which he duly made use of to seek and disseminate knowledge. He has taken part in and led delegations to numerous seminars and conferences in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, UK and USA. He has also undertaken lecture tours to Belgium, France, Iraq, Jordan and the UAE.

He is associated with a number of academic institutions and organisations in South Asia and Far East in various capacities. He is co-Managing Trustee of the Seethakkathi Trust – a distinguished charitable institution that financially assists academic institutions, hospitals and orphanages. It also gives scholarships to deserving students and publishes literary works of historical importance.

May Allah continue showering His immense blessings upon him, grant him good health, a long life and enable us to benefit from his being.


Ahlan wa Sahlan

October 22, 2007

The ‘Arusi branch of the Qadiri sufi way is one of the authentic rivers to the Divine Ocean that is widely followed in South and South East Asia. It originated and took shape during the early part of the 19th century under the watchful gaze of the Arwi saints of the Qadiri way. It crystallised and reached the zenith under the auspices of the 19th century renewer, Imam Sayyid Muhammad al-‘Arus al-Qahiri, Allah sanctify his secret.

The aim of this website is to bring to the forefront the rich spiritual heritage of the Arwi region (present day South India & Sri Lanka) by focusing on the ‘Arusi-Qadiri order. This will be done by letting the biographies of the luminous Arwi saints and their works speak for themselves.

What this Site is NOT

The purpose of this website is not to wax lyrical about Tasawwuf/Sufism/Islamic spirituality. Only one blinded by ignorance, deluded by the rhetoric of rage, devoid of an atom of intellect and bereft of any knowledge of the tradition of the Islamic faith can claim that Tasawwuf/Sufism/Islamic spirituality is not a valid part of Islam.

Neither is the aim of this website to glorify this order (Tariqah) to the exclusion of other legitimate branches or paths to the Divine. Elevation and abasement is the domain of Allah and we make no claims to superiority. Our cloak of honour lies in aligning our actions, fulfilling our duties and discharging our responsibilities in a manner that is in congruent with the dictates of the sacred law (Shari’ah) and harmonious with the Prophetic example (Sunnah).

May Allah protect us from knowledge and states of being that are harmful to our souls here and in the hereafter.

The Need for this Site

There is a conspicuous dearth of information on the internet about the spread of Islam in the Arwi region (present day South India & Sri Lanka) and the flavour of Islam therein. This vacuum has been effectively filled by the literature of the petro-dollar funded methodologically challenged self-styled saviours who have acrimoniously hijacked the Islamic faith.

They hark the banner “Qur’an & Sunnah” and claim to follow the way of the pious predecessors (Salaf al-Salihin). In truth, they are the furthest from that which they claim to adhere to. Just as not everything that glitters is gold, it has become increasingly evident that not every group that carries the slogan “Qur’an & Sunnah” is a defender of the religion.

To destroy a Nation, one need not cleanse the land of its people. Just re-write history. And that is precisely what the Zionists are trying to do around the world and the BJP of India attempted to do with the national curriculum. And unfortunately, the puritans and reformers associated with this faith have been conspicuously doing the same with our tradition and texts for some time now.

May Allah protect us from their excesses and give them their due recompense.

Taking into account the prevailing hostile climate, both within the Muslim ranks and otherwise, it is our wish that this website, together with a collection of other related websites on Arwi Islam and Muslims, will serve to re-connect the Arwi/Tamil Muslim diaspora back to their roots.

If the realisation dawns on readers (especially the Arwi/Tamil Muslim diaspora) that Arwi Islam and Muslims have been a vibrant and dynamic force to be reckoned with, half our aim will be fulfilled. The other half will be achieved when readers faithfully return to their tradition in practice with fervour and zeal.

There is no power or might except Allah, the incomparable in Majesty. Success and guidance are from Allah, eminent is His Glory.